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Multiple banners, one network to work together 

We changed the Rules of the Game: 

The franchise completely redesigned! 

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It's not money that should dictate whether you can start a business or not, but your entrepreneurial talents and ambitions!

Frais d'entrée mensuel abordable !!!

Avoid getting into debt and keep your cash flow.

 Compared to other traditional franchisors, we believe in real risk sharing. We only succeed if you also succeed. Entry fees are replaced by a monthly subscription to the Connect-forces Network

 Free to stay or not, it's up to you to decide!​

If you stay with us as a franchisee, it's because you're successful, not because you signed a contract.

Only pay, the services you asked for! 

We don't all have the same budget, available time, or interests. Want to delegate more? It's possible! Want to do more yourself? That's equally possible!

 Share your expenses to increase your profits !

Sharing with all other franchisees the costs of the call center, a diverse team of experts, and highly efficient technological tools.

Laquelle de nos bannières vous amènera à votre liberté comme entrepreneur ?

Ideal for those looking to establish themselves quickly without a license.  

Specializing in maintenance and upkeep, ZenCasa offers the opportunity, without an RBQ license, to generate recurring and stable income

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Bet on passive income from renting and recurring services   

Without the need for an RBQ license, it's the perfect opportunity to start quickly and efficiently, with a simplified and highly profitable business model. Be part of an ecological and innovative initiative, while benefiting from an expanding market.  

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Join the leader in Quebec!

A brand already firmly established in the world of renovation. Perfect for renovation enthusiasts. Benefit from a well-established reputation that facilitates your entry and success in the sector.

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Dive into the lucrative market of small post-disaster repairs.

 This banner offers privileged access to a profitable and constantly in-demand niche, thus guaranteeing attractive and regular income.

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Become a pioneer in a high-demand service..

Become an expert in shed renovation and restoration, an area where demand is constantly growing. You'll have the advantage of being among the first to offer these specialized services.

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Traditional Franchises!

$ 50,000

  • High Initial Investment:A major obstacle for many entrepreneurs.
  • Limited Choice: Only one type of service or product.
  • Standard Technology:  An outdated system.
  • RigideRigid ModelA strict and inflexible business model.

An easy choice!



Starting from


  • Montly subscription: A more accessible entry.
  • 10% Royalty Fee 
  • Share operational costs* such as call center and marketing with other franchisees in the network.

5% Marketing Affiliate Program between franchisees.

Receive a lifetime commission on billing to your clients through the network, regardless of the Banner.*

  • Training, expert team, and technological tools included.
  • Cutting-edge TechnologySimplified management.
  • Adaptability and Support: A flexible approach tailored to your needs.

Write Your Own Success Story with Connect-Forces!

 Write Your Own Success Story with Connect-Forces! Connect-Forces opens the doors to a unique, modern, and tailor-made opportunity. We're looking for true passionate entrepreneurs, not those who have the most money to bring quickly. A very accessible monthly subscription allows you to work in a network to succeed as a team.

Choose the banner that resembles you the most; they all share the same tools, strategies, and experts to ensure the success of the entire Connect-forces network.

You've already taken the first step today; take the next step with Connect-Forces and write your own success story! 

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We've changed the rules of the game:

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